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Sales Champions ~ QuotaThe Quota® Sales Training System is a fun, interactive and competitive experience that teaches sales people about B2B and B2C sales cycles. Your sales team will develop critical sales skills and use that knowledge while participating in the training and … have fun learning. The imbedded Gamification increases the retention of the skills knowledge and adds to the workshop experience .

Quota® B2B & B2C Training | Sales Training Events

Quota® Sales Training Product Catalogues

Quota® Sales Training Courses…

Quota®~ The Sales Performance Game ~ £375.00 + Vat per delegate (min 6 persons).

A full day team building and learning experience delivered at a sales meeting or conference at a venue to suit your needs. Your sales team will develop critical sales skills and use that knowledge while participating in the training and … have fun learning.…

Quota® COACH™ ~ £895.00 + Vat per delegate (min 2 persons).

A 2 day unique and proprietary workshop that provides all the essential sales management tools required to run a mid-sized sales team incl. coaching skills, tips on hiring elite sales people, writing sales forecasts and developing incentive packages for your team

Quota® Time & Territory Management™ ~ £395.00 + Vat per delegate (min 4 persons)

A ½ workshop to help Identify and nuture Key account’s , map the ROI & discuss Partnership selling, plus focus on Goal setting objectives & forecasting whilst building Territory Marketing plans.

Quota®RetailTM  & Quota®StoreManagerTM  ~ £245.00 + Vat per delegate (min 6 persons)

As the representative of the company your store employees will learn how greet the customer, put customers at ease, encourage their shopping experience & up-sell / cross-sell where appropriate all to have a direct positive impact on sales.

Quota® Sales Self LeadershipTM  ~ £495.00 + Vat per delegate (min 4 persons)

It starts with you ~ a fun & inter-active learning workshop for Senior Managers on how to engage your sales team, create loyal customers and making it happen

QIS (Issue Selling)®TM  ~ £295.00 + Vat per delegate (min 4 persons)

Analyze your client’s business issues, track your clients operation goals & recognize how your products and services can match their needs.

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The Quota® Sales Training System ~ have fun learning.

Quota® is designed, developed and update by sales professionals. The Quota® system has been used and tested by high achieving sales professionals across a variety of industries with spectacular results. Coupled with our team of industry-leading executive coaches, the Quota® system will bring your sales team to new levels of performance!

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